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Paris. Dream and Reality

Do you like traveling? I guess yes, and so do I! And I’ve already been to many countries… impressions I’ve received are priceless! Do you want to know more? Read my article…

I always enjoyed traveling. Especially I love the bus tours… And what could be better?. Just imagine: the picturesque views are slipping outside the window, music playing, sun shining (if you’re lucky!)… every second of your journey is full of emotions… you’re finally living your life, tasting it, right now and right here. And your past life, the life before this very moment, seems so distant… so unreal. Because in this brand-new “travel reality” everything is especially bright and delicious, shiny and peaceful, and you keep asking yourself: why was I being worried about anything at all?!

A bus tour’s bit tiring of course but the various experience being obtained definitely worth it! You should try it too… if you’re not afraid of such difficulties as long moving from point to point, new hotels almost every night, the toilets at gas stations, sleepovers in the bus (sometimes!)… already scared?

What is so damn beautiful about the bus tour, you may ask?… There are a lot of nice things, however, the most important one (in my opinion!) is a chance to really feel your journey, savoring every minute. An airplane wouldn’t be able to provide you with this wonderful opportunity! So take a risk and hit the trail! You’re going to like it, I promise, and you will pony up for more and more!

As for me, I have been to many European countries: France, Belgium, Austria, Hungary, Holland, Poland, Italy… And I still have the magnificent memories! For example…

Paris, France

It was not love at the first sight, Paris was conquering me little by little. In the end, I had been charmed by its unparalleled beauty but right after arrival… well, I guess I was slightly disappointed.

Paris that appeared before me did not resemble the very fairytale city I had drawn in my violent imagination… fairytale city that couldn’t exist in actuality as I understand now!

My Paris was like an enchanting spectacle… the capital of fashion, capital of love! I must have waited to see a kind of fashion runway that coquettish Parisians (both male and female) would have been walking upon… instead of that, I had seen noisy streets, motley crowds, a lot of common people… don’t get me wrong, I just was not ready to meet such Parisians! They didn’t look the way I thought they would. In my imagination, the Paris men should have been spending all their time flirting with the ladies…

I was very upset… And this is my Paris?! My romantic beautiful city?! So unfair…

But then I fell in love… yes, I fell in love with its beauty and magic… It managed to conquer me with its uniqueness… I stopped comparing reality with a dream — I appreciated what I saw and felt.

So, what is so good about Paris — a real one, and not one that is sung by poets and glorified by writers?

I guess the main thing is the so-called atmosphere. Oh, this magical atmosphere of Paris! It consists of details, shades, even voices… of the smallest elements that envelop the capital of France like a spider’s web, empower it with its character and soul.

The atmosphere consists of picturesque streets, narrow, very European. It includes cozy cafes where people drink their coffee without haste and treat themselves to amazing desserts… It also means refined restaurants where one can come to lunch — again, without any haste.

The atmosphere is a marvelous architecture and museums full of History. It is a feeling of belonging to something Bigger… Even the crowds of tourists were adding some charm: the greedy glare in their eyes and the unfulfilled desire of romance have done their work.

Paris is not a city, no. This is the City. That’s right, with a capital letter… And I realized this, albeit belatedly.

This was my first visit. I returned to Paris a couple of years later again, returned with a different mood… like to the dearest friend. I’d spent several days here: I lived in a lovely hotel near Montmartre, I was walking the streets and drinking coffee in cafes. I was looking and listening. I was enjoying.

I would like to come here more than once… maybe, it’s going to be one day… after all, who knows?

This is just the beginning of my story. As they say, to be continued… do you want to know more? Do you want to read about Rome, Florence, Vienna, and other great cities? Just follow my blog!

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