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The most important IT industry trends

According to Morgan Stanley research, in 2016 the corporative spending on cloud services, information security and Analytics software will increase.

According to Morgan Stanley research, in 2016 the corporative spending on cloud services, information security and Analytics software will increase.

1. Cloud computing development. Today almost everyone enjoys cloud computing on a daily basis. Having found the suitable Internet service, user doesn't need to buy newer computers to ensure high performance.

Cloud computing is evolving rapidly; this technology encompasses more and more spheres of activity. For example, until recently, most users had a specific email client for receiving and sending e-mail, but now this role often belongs to Gmail, Yahoomail, Webmail, Hotmail, and other Internet resources. And you can see a similar situation with office programs. Online editors of Zoho Writer or Google docs accomplish most of the same features as usual office suites. And this is not a complete list of all available Internet services.

Many business processes've also been moving to the cloud system and changing the business itself. Moreover, it's almost impossible to find a company, that doesn't work on cloud technologies. Small businesses use cheap and free cloud systems of Microsoft Azure, Amazon web services, Google Cloud Platform. Medium and large businesses prefer private and hybrid “clouds”. Through optimization companies get the desired effect without serious investment.

2. Mobility. Cloud computing leads to increased business mobility. Companies are not any longer tied to a certain location and realize the relevance of the mobile technology among clients. Today you can engage in business anywhere: in the office, at home, in cafes... as long as you have a laptop, computer, phone, tablet or similar device.

3. Big Data technologies.  Every second huge amount of content is being generated by sources such as social networks, news sites, file sharing... According to a IDC Digital Universe study, the data amount on the planet will grow to 40 zettabytes in the next five years.

In fact, Big Data is a set of information that cannot be processed by classical instruments for smaller volumes. And the use of Big Data involves all areas of work with a huge volume of the most disparate information that is being constantly updated and scattered across different sources. The ultimate aim is simple: maximum efficiency, the new products introduction and the competitiveness increase.

4. Internet of things. Internet of things is a network in which things (programmable objects) may freely exchange information via the Internet. The management is automatic and requires no human control. The business associated with Internet of things, will continue to grow in the coming years. Investments in this new industry have been increasing from year to year, and this growth demonstrates the great interest in such technologies. According to CCS forecasts, the Internet will have connected more than 50 billion different devices by 2020.

5. Strengthening of the information security. Cloud computing, mobility and other IT trends force us to pay more attention to data security. Developers have been trying to create more reliable protection systems.

6. Smart devices. The growing number of smart devices, capable of controlling various processes, is inevitable. This important IT-trend is becoming more and more popular year by year.

7. 3D printing. Obviously, the invention of 3D printers will have an important impact on many industries, from medicine to construction.

8. The business involvement in IT-projects. IT isn't an apanage of technical Directors any more. Information technology solves many business problems and allows you to respond to the increasingly complex market challenges, regardless of the company scope.

9. The online learning development. This trend lasts for several years, although experts claim that significant success of this industry is still far away, and we can hope for much more progress. By the way, today the Machine Learning gets the most important role. Google, Microsoft and other companies have made interesting developments in this direction.

10. The growing influence of electronic payment systems. It’s another IT-trend, popular now. We increasingly use electronic ("virtual!") money, it's so convenient!.


All these IT-trends have a great influence on the software development. Developers have been creating increasingly better ways to process the information array and work with cloud systems. In fact, developers are gradually integrating our reality with the virtual world of the Internet.

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