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The latest copywriting trends

Our world has been constantly changing, evolving... And to stay relevant, you need to be changing too. This also goes for copywriting... So, the latest trends in copywriting: what's new?

Our world has been constantly changing, evolving... And to stay relevant, you need to be changing too. This also goes for copywriting...

So, the latest trends in copywriting: what's new?

Let’s see…


Longread is a huge information array where text is combined with interactive elements (video, graphics, infographics, etc.). Longread thoroughly discloses the subject, so after reading it, you are surely going to know all the facets of the question.

Longread is not only useful but also interesting material. Included with videos and illustrations, it allows you to enjoy your reading for a few pleasant hours.

The first longread had appeared in 2012, when the "NY Times" published its Snow fall (http://www.nytimes.com/projects/2012/snow-fall/#/?part=tunnel-creek ).


Mediumread is a simplified longread when long text is diluted with graphics and video content. Mediumread acquaints the reader with one story, without distracting his attention to other things associated with this topic. Reading mediumread much easier and faster than perusing longread.


Language contamination is the technique of word formation. It is the formation of new words and expressions that did not exist previously ("neologisms"). These neologisms are intuitive, expressive; they make the text more bright and "tasty". However, you should be careful using this technique: not each target audience would properly appreciate such a "play on words".


Charticle is the infographic hybrid, which combines several types of infographics and the text: chart + article. It looks like a full-value article with charts and tables.

Evergreen Content

Evergreen Content is the text, which does not lose its relevance when changing the season or the situation in society. It can be any text about constant and always urgent things: psychology, cooking, manuals, collections... Such texts are constantly attracting visitors to the website, this is their key advantage.


4U is the principle of writing headlines that must attract readers. 4U uses not the beauty and pathos but clarity: after reading the title, the prospective client immediately understands what problems your offer is going to solve.

4U stands for:

Examples. "20% savings when purchasing property from the developer in June", "+30% of site traffic for the month when using headlines 4U".


LSI-copywriting (latent semantic indexing) is a method being used to improve text recognition by search engines. It is based on the ability to modify the semantics of words in context sentences.

LSI-copywriting is the response to the new search algorithms of Google and Yandex, which have nullified the usual manipulation of seo-optimizers. There are other priorities when writing the text: the appropriateness of keywords, depth of topic elaboration, the quality of the entire text.

In LSI-copywriting, key phrases are used as naturally as possible; you can also use synonyms, word forms of keywords. This text is useful to the reader, and the content is of higher quality in general.

For LSI-copywriting, you must understand what issues the target audience is interested in, what questions it may have, what aspects you need to illuminate as deep as possible.


Whitepaper is a document that gives a client an opportunity to assess the professionalism of your company and make an informed decision in favor of cooperation.

The structure is often a brochure or booklet using a minimum of illustrations. Normally Whitepaper is devoted to the way of solving a particular problem related to the company activity: how to evaluate the usability of the site, how to recognize a chronic disease, how to reinstall the operating system etc.

Thanks to the Whitepaper, the reader gets acquainted with your company and appreciates it, because you're giving him valuable and relevant information and laying the groundwork for later relations. And if the information is unique, a Whitepaper can bring you new visitors, having worked as viral distribution.

Loopback requests

High-frequency requests are important, but the neglect of low-frequency requests leads to serious loss of traffic. In contrast, the use of similar phrases that form a kind of "loop" will result in a large number of new visitors

The loop is generated on the basis of the main request and represents a long list of less popular requests. Traffic attracted by such requests is of high quality: a person using a long request knows exactly what information he wants to find.

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