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Opening your own cafe

It's not so easy to open your own restaurant . This business requires significant financial and time costs. However if you are willing to make some effort and not afraid to take risks, we'll give you useful tips.

It's not so easy to open your own restaurant. This business requires significant financial and time costs. However if you are willing to make some effort and not afraid to take risks, we'll give you useful tips. We'll show what steps you need to do for opening a successful and profitable establishment.

First of all, you should consider which area fits your establishment perfectly. The optimal choice is city center: people are resting here in the evenings and weekends, and also there are many offices, whose employees may be interested in business-lunches. You can open the restaurant in a separate building or rent space in the Mall. The second option has its undoubted benefits: walking through the Mall, shoppers often come to relax from shopping "with a cup of coffee.”

After definition of the cafe location you should think about its style and create a certain “atmosphere”. All popular cafes are bright and recognizable: Coffee Life, Friend’s time, Confetti... Don't imitate other brands, it's much more better to create the unique interior design.

Of course, special attention should be paid to menu of the future establishment. Perhaps you will serve only coffee and desserts, as they do in Coffee Life, or offer your customers the cuisine of a particular country: Japanese, Italian, French, traditional Ukrainian... ideally a set of dishes and beverages served in your cafe, must be consistent with the interior decoration character.

It's also important to devise a system of goods procurement: to select suppliers, develop a cooperation scheme, discuss prices and terms of goods delivery... The pricing policy depends on these terms. Pick those suppliers who offer the best price and decent quality - it's not smart to pursue cheapness.

Of course, the essential step is the staff recruitment: chefs, waiters, managers... You should choose loyal and positive people who are ready to perform their duties. Some cafes have lost their popularity because of surly and downright sharp waiters. So your task is creation comfortable environment that'll be attractive to young and energetic people.

And the most difficult task is to control the entire process, from procurement of goods to the counting of daily revenue. You should pay your attention to the every single step! It was a problem before but now there is specialized software for automation, which greatly simplifies the work of cafe owners.

The objective of these programs is control over the activities of cafes, shops and other commercial establishments. They help keep records of purchases, monitor the statistics, adjust menu... Such systems eliminate the hassle and save your energy and time that can be directed in a more constructive direction. Poster is a good example of such program: it’s quite ergonomic, intuitive and consists of two business areas - for cafe waiters and business owner.


Of course we have listed only general guidelines for opening a cafe. But be sure, your future success depends on these basic moments.

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