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Brand introduction

To survive in a highly competitive environment, every company must develop an effective marketing program which includes an advertising campaign, a PR campaign and a set of promotional activities.

The marketing program is a strategy of presenting a new brand on the market. To survive in a highly competitive environment, every company must develop an effective marketing program. This program includes an advertising campaign, a PR campaign and a set of promotional activities.

Developing a marketing program, you should take into account all the external and internal factors. The main goal is to achieve maximum effect when minimum cost.

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The advertising campaign

The advertising campaign is a plan of actions aimed for a certain period of time and a specific target audience.

Stage 1: setting goals

A smart setting goal explains the objectives of the advertising campaign, its purpose and the desired result.

Stage 2: information analysis

The advertising campaign requires clear information about the brand. This information can be either provided by the client or obtained as a result of marketing research.

Step 3: search for the key ideas

Creating ideas is the most difficult and important process in the advertising campaign development. The mechanism of the advertising campaign is the embodiment of this idea into the visual images (billboards, advertising layouts in magazines, transport advertising, TV commercials, etc.), commercials on radio, news articles, PR articles, promotions, event marketing.

Stage 4: budget evaluation

The main objective of this stage is the comparison of planned advertising budget with the proposed activities.

Step 5: selecting media

It requires analysis of numerous product characteristics, target audiences, channels of dissemination (print media, TV, Radio, Internet, etc.). It allows you to develop a clear and effective media plan of the advertising campaign.


PR-promotion is a set of activities that are performed since the launch of the product or service. They accompany the brand throughout the entire period of its existence on the market.

PR is a conscious dialogue between the company and consumers.

PR activities includes:

Intracorporate PR

Corporate PR creates a positive atmosphere in the company. The main purpose of intracorporate PR is to involve employees in the organization life. Besides, such PR is intended to generate a positive perception of the company’s management by the staff.

The essence of intracorporate PR

Intracorporate PR is the same brand promotion, but it focuses on the company's employees. Only a loyal employee's able to be effective with the client and, if necessary, to defend the organization honor.

In other words, loyalty within the group strengthens position of the company on the market of goods and services. This is the essence and task of the Intracorporate PR.

Marketing kit

A marketing kit is a complete set of marketing materials about your company, services and products. It can exist in paper and electronic forms.

A marketing kit sells not just a product or service, it sells the company history in whole.

Marketing kit objectives

This document will help you...:

The consumer involvement in interaction with the brand

The consumer involvement in interaction with the brand is the inclusion of the potential buyer (client) in a process of continuous dialogue with the brand.  Moreover, this dialogue should be based on a specific scenario, carefully prepared and managed by the company. Thanks to these efforts the consumer interest to TM and its products is increased.

Today a strong and successful brand is constantly communicating with a customer through the modern Internet marketing tools.

It is very important to use social media, develop a profile website and use other online communications. This will allow you to give consumers new experiences and increase their awareness of TM, as well as to strengthen your own position in the market.

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