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Website development and Internet strategy

Internet marketing is a set of various tools for brand promotion in the global network. Internet marketing opens up new opportunities and saves on advertising budgets.

Internet marketing is a set of various tools for brand promotion in the global network. Internet marketing opens up new opportunities and saves on advertising budgets.

I’m going to tell you about the Internet marketing benefits and teach to use them correctly.

Website development

Site creation became a very important service because website is an integral part of the image for a major company. And even more: it’s one of the "rules of etiquette" in business today.

Types and features of sites

  1. Corporate website is a comprehensive resource providing the most complete information about the company.
  2. Image site is a small resource with a minimum of information. Its simplest version is a site-card.
  3. The promotional site contains advertising information, pictures of product samples, background information and terms of purchase. The main objective of a promo-site is a direct promotion of product, services or brand in the Internet.

Content development of the website

The site content includes text, images, infographics, audio and video materials.  Creating content for a website is a very important stage of promotion and business development. It requires high professionalism and understanding of the Internet space.

Landing page

Landing page is the target page in the Internet space. Its purpose is involving and retaining the maximum number of users to the website. The ideal option is to make them clients of the company.

Task of the landing page is a quick and efficient sale of goods or services. Thus, landing page provides an effective marketing tool that increases the business-sales growth.

Landing page is a long one-page site, quite ergonomic, capacious, with a clear structure and attractive design. It seems simple; actually creating a landing page requires high professional skills.

An efficient landing page uses the most modern Internet technology of marketing, copywriting, web-design, SEO and other areas. So if you are interested in creating a really good landing page, ask for help competent professionals. Only experienced professionals will perform the work at the proper level.


SEO-optimization is an effective tool for the successful Internet projects promotion aimed at raising the site's ranking in search engines. Ideally, SEO displays a website to the top positions in the search results.

Moreover, SEO optimization attracts only targeted visitors — people who are looking for your product or service.

Website audit

A website audit is a professional analysis of your web resource, which is needed to identify its compliance with requirements of modern Internet technologies. The task of a competent website audit is ascertainment why the resource is not among the TOP 10.

The website audit includes:

Advertising campaigns in the Internet

Today, Internet advertising involves three basic types: banner ads, contextual advertising and viral marketing. Each of them has its own characteristics and performs various functions. Advertising campaign in the Internet can combine all the types of Internet advertising or focus on one or more of them.

Success factors

Despite all its advantages, Internet advertising will only be effective if done right. The effectiveness of Internet advertising campaigns depends on several key factors.

Promotion in social networks

Social media marketing (SMM) is the promotion of the brand, product or website in social networks (for example, Facebook).

Social network is a unique opportunity to find representatives of your target audience and build long-term and effective cooperation with them. That's why the promotion in social networks is so popular service today.

The purpose of promotion in social networks:

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