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Industrial design

Industrial design is the most difficult kind of design. It includes elements of creativity, marketing and technology, covering a wide range of objects...

Industrial design is the most difficult kind of design. It includes elements of creativity, marketing and technology, covering a wide range of objects. Industrial design requires knowledge of materials, availability of advanced spatial imagination and understanding of the manufacturing processes.

So a good industrial designer knows technological features of materials and understands all the specifics of industrial design. He (or she) is able to find the original idea that can be realized technologically.

The development of industrial design includes the steps:

So… what types of industrial design are there? Let's take a look!


A prototype is a three-dimensional model of the particular product, created from economical materials. This model fully corresponds to the schematic drawings and allows you not only to see the finished product in three dimensions, but also to hold it in your hands.

This step precedes the serial product production and helps assess its usability as well as makes it possible to avoid future errors.

Bottle design

The bottle design is the creation of a basis for the product image.

A competent industrial designer can offer you:

Also the industrial designer who is creating the bottle design for your needs should provide you with:

Exhibition stands design

The design of the exhibition stand presents the company at exhibitions and other similar events that serve for increasing the clientele and creating new business acquaintances. However, the exhibition is going to be successful only if demonstrates your product to the audience properly. And first we need to think and take care of the exhibition stand design.

The role of the exhibition stands design

Original and stylish design of the exhibition stand is a guarantee that your company will not get lost among the competitors at the exhibition. A professionally designed exhibition stand is an excellent presentation of the brand and a reflection of its competitive advantages.

Design of mobile stands

The mobile stands design may be interesting to any reputable company seeking to present its product to potential customers.

Mobile stand is a good alternative to expensive and bulky stationary designs. These stands are used during exhibitions, presentations, conferences, promotions and other similar events, as well as for decoration different kinds of rooms (shops, banks, offices, shopping and business centers).

Mobile exhibition stands are maximally portable and can be easily integrated into the overall exposure. They are flexible in their configuration and have a high ergonomics degree.

Efficient design of mobile stands is modern, corresponds to the corporate brand style and can be produced technologically.

Design of sales places

The design of sales places involves the decoration of any area whose aim is selling a particular set of products, goods or services. Such area can be not only a store or kiosk, but also a café, restaurant, pharmacy…

The main aim of design of sales places

Design of sales places is a logical continuation of the brand character, the visual reflection of its essence. The combination of interior and exterior needs to be integrated with the brand concept and company corporate style.

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