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Design development

Design is a universal means of communication at the level of feelings. It communicates to the consumer the information about the product or service and has its emotional overtones.

Design is a universal way of communication at the level of feelings. It communicates to a consumer the information about the product or service and has its emotional overtones.

Design needs to be effective

Design is a great tool in the hands of a master, when he (or she) is aware of the brand strategic objectives.

There are three criteria for effective design:

In other words, only balanced solutions and skillful methods will provide the best design for your brand. Trust brands to professionals!

Corporate identity

A corporate identity is the set of graphic shapes, colors, and principles of construction, united by one idea. The main objective of this set is creation a unique recognizable brand.

Created by professional designers, corporate identity will ensure the memorability of services and products of your brand.

Brand identity

Brand identity (identification) is the combination of graphic, visual and information tools that emphasize the company individuality.

An important role of design:

Logo design

Logo design is a key stage in the development of brand identity, and logo itself is an essential element of the company corporate image.

Logo design often becomes the starting point for building the visual communication between the brand and the market.

As a rule, a logo consists of three parts:

Package design

Packaging design is one of the branding key stages. Packaging conveys the brand idea, transmits  features and benefits of the product.  It affects a person as a psychological anchor: if the reaction to the first purchase is positive, people will seek out and choose the familiar brand colors, design, shape and size of the package.

Effective Packaging design has to be...

Label design

A label is already paid advertising plane. Therefore, the label design should be created as the advertising message, convincing the consumer to buy the product.

High quality labels are unique and cause only positive emotions and associations.


Redesign is the procedure for adjusting the brand appearance in a fashionable look that fits the modern trends and expectations of consumers. Redesign is a real salvation for the brand, which began to lose its positions in comparison with stronger vivid competitors.

Main redesign rule: updated brand needs to maintain continuity with the old variant of design. It has to contain some elements that will help consumers identify the old brand in the new one.

Timely response to fashion changes in the competitors’ products design and the immediate redesign launching will help the brand become relevant to a consumer.


Infographics is a popular tool of content marketing in the business environment. Therefore, today the infographic development is the most visible, effective and persuasive way of presenting information.

Infographics implements a number of important benefits:

Exclusive illustrations

Exclusive illustration is a powerful tool for attracting more attention to your brand or company. It is being used for advertising, corporate printing, packaging design, website design. Exclusive illustration is a great way to make your brand brighter.

An important feature of exclusive illustrations is originality. The image is created especially for you, and this makes your brand truly unique.

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