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Creativity & Advertising

Today creativity is not just good, but also necessary component of any advertising process. So let's see...

Today creativity is not just good, but also necessary component of any advertising process.

Though experts around the world have been arguing whether the creativity has its boundaries. There is no right answer, but one thing is clear: the advertising objective is to sell, and hence the degree of creativity should be based on this main goal.

So let's see. What is creativity and where and when do we need it?


The idea is the ability to combine known elements in an unusual combination.

The idea is a new combination of thoughts.

The idea is the Foundation of a successful brand.

And it is creativity that is aimed at finding such Ideas!

Of course advertising creativity has many limitations. There are numerous frameworks of marketing objectives: distribution, pricing segment, point of purchase, perceptions of consumers about the product, etc. But the number of restrictions does not negate the main function of the marketing creativity which is the expansion of space perception and increasing flexibility of ideas.

Ideas of advertising campaigns

The idea of the advertising campaign expresses the essence of the entire PR strategy in general. The unique idea is the foundation of any successful advertising campaign and affects the formation and subsequent development of all PR communications.

What is a good idea advertising campaign?

The idea of an advertising campaign is a set of symbols and images designed to convey the key brand message to the consumer. This idea should be succinct, "delicious", memorable and original.

The uniqueness of the advertising campaign idea is the main requirement! A successful advertising campaign is memorable, noteworthy, and it depends on the initial idea.

Bad idea of advertising campaigns is usually either banal, lackluster, or conversely very bold and even extravagant. Therefore, the task of experienced specialists is search for the main highlight in the advertised product or service. The second important step is to use this "main highlight" skillfully.

Creative concept

A creative concept is the basis of almost any aesthetic, artistic and promotional activities. The creative concept represents a unique embodiment of the communication strategy idea and conveys the basic brand benefits to consumers when using slogans, text, images, visuals, print advertising, printing products, video and audio clips...

The essence of the creative concept

Bright and expressive creative concept increases the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and even saves your money. Development of creative concept allows distancing the brand from competitors and creating a positive brand image in the eyes of consumers.

Communication brand strategy

Communication brand strategy affects brand perception by the target audience directly. It is a system of interaction between brand and consumers, which is based on the key ideas of positioning. The marketing target of communication strategies is increasing sales and expanding the company's share on the market as a whole.

For creating really effective communication strategy you should rely on information obtained through marketing research of the target audience and the competitive brand environment. It's the only way to succeed in forming happy future of your brand.

Viral marketing

Viral marketing is a special method of brand promotion when the advertising message is transmitted by means of the target audience. It's an advertisement, which does not require the cost for its placement.

Viral marketing primarily uses the Internet as the channel of communication which allows you to disseminate information among a wide range of target audience really quickly.

The essence of viral marketing

The essence of viral marketing is creation of the exciting content that can be transmitted by the method of "word of mouth". It means Internet users willingly tell each other information they are interested in.

As the Internet "virus" you may choose a video, flash game, image or text - anything that is able to force the target audience to broadcast your message. So it should be very interesting: informative, provocative, scandalous, very beautiful or funny.

It is just a brief sketch of the foundation of creativity. In fact, you can be creative everywhere, in all spheres of life and business. However, one thing remains clear: in advertising, you not only CAN, you definitely HAVE to be creative!

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