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Branding is a complex development of the brand character and image, a necessary step for the successful product longevity on the goods and services market...

Branding is the development of the brand character, it's a necessary step for the successful product longevity on the goods and services market.

In fact, the brand development is a complex of actions aimed to transform an ordinary product or service which usually needs constant and difficult promotion into a recognizable, high demand one.

Below, I’ve given the description of basic branding components…


Situation analysis and defining strategy

Analysis of the market situation is the study of supply and demand in certain product categories, the study of consumer behavior, structure and characteristics of the market. This step is necessary, when you need:

Collection of extensive information and product market analysis is necessary for the successful conclusion of the brand and its future development strategy.  It’s important to consider features of the competitive environment, the strengths and weaknesses of competitors, the consumer motivation.

Brand audit

The brand audit is a regular monitoring of the trade mark position on the market and the situation in the competition camp. Well-timed brand audit helps "diagnose" early stages of the brand "disease", which can occur quite suddenly influenced by external factors.

The brand audit helps identify:

Professional brand audit will reveal tastes and preferences of potential buyers, characterize the motivation of existing consumers, compare planned brand image with the real one and outline the competitors’ strategy.

The brand audit is a reliable basis for the development of a successful marketing strategy and advertising campaign for the brand. The final product of the brand audit is a "recipe" - a report about the current situation and recommendations for improvement. The brand audit shows the direction of development, which helps make the brand stronger. 

The brand audit should become a regular practice of your company. Only in this case, the brand will be successful and popular.

Brand story

Creation of a brand story is an essential stage of the complex brand development.

A brand story tells about the origin and development of the brand, its mission and values. A legend of the brand reveals its unique features and advantages; it's a developed version of the concept and positioning. 

The legend of the brand is used in all internal and external communications. It forms the information basis for the future brand development.

Brand concept

A brand concept is the foundation for all subsequent branding. In fact, consumers choose not products, but emotions, mood, support, or just a nice evening. We buy not a product but the IDEA. That's why the brand concept is so important.

The brand concept development is the creation of a basis for visual identity and brand communications. The brand concept affects the brand name, slogan, logo, advertising ideas, label design and packaging.

The main task of the brand concept development is to convey the idea to a consumer. And so the main requirement for the brand concept is to be clear to the target audience.


Positioning allows explaining the main advantages of your product in a concise and accessible form. A positioning gives the brand positive characteristics and enhances its reputation for end users and business partners.

Brand positioning is a laconic wording that expresses the essence and concept of the brand, its identity, unique selling proposition and the main advantage. The positioning strategy is the basis for all further stages of brand development: naming, slogan, design, advertising campaigns and marketing programs.


The rebranding can be defined as a kind of the brand “repair”. Depending on the initial state of the object, «repair» can be cosmetic or cardinal, full or partial.

Rebranding is necessary if:

Essentially, rebranding is the creation of a new brand based on the old one. Therefore, competent rebranding should be started with market research which helps identify advantages and disadvantages of your brand versus competitors' products.

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