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Market research

Let me tell You about the different types of market research required for effective product promotion...

Let me tell You a little about the different types of market research that provide You with clear and accurate information needed to reduce risks when making management decisions.

Marketing research

Marketing research is required for effective product promotion in the market to increase number of sales.

Marketing research (marketing analysis) is a set of activities designed to examine the market of goods and services in detail. The goal is to obtain the most accurate information about a particular brand, company or expectations of the potential consumer.

Marketing research is essential if you are planning:

Options for marketing research

  1. Market research is the most common direction in conducting marketing research. The main results of market research are:
  1. The study of consumers. In this case, the object of study is the motivation of consumer behavior in the market.
  2. Research of competitors. This type of marketing research allows you to obtain the necessary data to ensure competitive advantage in the market.
  3. The study of products (analysis of the goods  competitiveness).
  4. A study of the sales promotion system is one of the most important areas of marketing research, which seeks to identify how and when to stimulate sales of goods.
  5. Study of the internal environment of the enterprise.


DESK RESEARCH represents the collection and analysis of secondary information obtained from various sources.

The task of the DESK RESEARCH is to get a general idea about the status of foreign and domestic industrial markets.

Information sources for DESK RESEARCH:

DESK RESEARCH enables to learn about:

Advantages of DESK RESEARCH:

Analysis of the competitive environment

The competitive environment analysis is the first step in developing an advertising strategy to promote the brand of the product or service. The modern market of goods and services is very saturated, and winning a place in the sun becomes more difficult every year. Analysis of the competitive environment will help find the right way to stand out from the crowd.
Task of the competitive environment analysis

The task of the competitive environment analyzing is to find weak and strong points of competitors, understand what methods they are using to promote their products and how they attract consumers.

 Professional marketing agencies conduct research in such areas as:

Focus groups

A focus group is a qualitative research of consumers, representing the interview as a group discussion. The main purpose of focus groups is to obtain information about how and why they perceive any objects or products. Discussion is based on a plan outlining the major issues.

Objectives of focus groups:

Of course, we can speak much more about methods of market research... but this short review is good enough for start!

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