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What is the Difference Between MVP and MDP?

You've probably heard such terms as MVP and MDP. What is the difference between these concepts? Let's try to find out.

You've probably heard such terms as MVP and MDP.

MVP means Minimum Viable Product. And MDP is Minimum Desirable Product.

What is the difference between these concepts? Let's try to find out.


The reality is very dynamic today. The world is constantly changing, evolving. New technologies that appear almost every year, greatly simplify our life, they make it more comfortable and enjoyable. And obviously people, who are developing such technologies, “rule the world” in a certain sense.

However, it's not enough to invent and implement a new idea. It's also important:

Otherwise you can spend many years to develop your idea, and it won't be interesting to anybody. Or other developers will outstrip you. That's why the MVP and MDP models have been created. They are similar in some ways, but you shouldn't confuse them. Because the difference is really significant.

The MVP concept implies the creation of a product with a minimal set of important characteristics. The developer focuses on the most important features of his future product. The purpose is to test the idea to find out:

In other words, we create something “viable” and use it to test potential consumer. Then we, analysing the obtained information, start improving the product in a certain way.

This method is convenient and saves a lot of time, money and efforts. However, it also has its negative sides. First of all, the MVP model is not always convincing. Sometimes people remain indifferent to the good idea just because it's uninteresting and dull. It solves some problems, but that's all. It's too boring, too ordinary. People prefer something unique and bright. Something like MBP model…Thus in some cases it makes more sense to use this model instead of MVP.

Working on the model of the MDP, we create not only the necessary but also “desirable” characteristics. We add a certain "flavor", make the product interesting for the consumer. Such products also require modifications in the future, but they attract people even in the original form. Consumer almost falls in love with this novelty and becomes its active fan. Due to this, the idea is gaining an audience and, of course, popularity.

What makes a product “desirable”?

Each project has its own answer, its own decision. Usually the product becomes interesting, “desirable”, when it has:

So, which model should you choose - MVP or MDP? It has to be decided for each case separately. But it is still wiser to create an initial model (MVP or MDP) and test it on the audience. And only after a careful analysis of the obtained data, when consumers’re intrigued, you can refine and develop the idea, make it perfect. That is what Apple does, constantly working on the model of its iPhones and other developments. And this company has definitely achieved great results! Maybe you can be the next?

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